Monday, 21 May 2012

Jubilishous ...

Okay so not anything really to do with my forays into vintage fashion but hay! Yes I'm starting to get into the mood for the Jubilee which started with me volunteering on the committee in our village. So yesterday I spent a good few hours making bunting! I don't know what it is about bunting but I love it! Just why is bunting so fab?

All the triangles have been cut and stitched along two sides

A nice neat pile of turned and pressed triangles

Now the stitching to the bias binding

and 3 hours later! .... 11m of bunting....

Monday, 14 May 2012

Wedding Up do

Yesterday afternoon I was a little at a loss of what to do with myself so decided to recreate my up do from my cousins wedding.

Firstly I curled my hair with these Babyliss HotSticks.  I picked these up form eBay for the 'pricey' sum of £15. I love the little book that came with as its so representative of 80s hair, it just reminded me of leg warmers and florescent colours. I've tried pin curls but still haven't got to grips with that so these are a quick alternative. Here's me patiently waiting for them to cool ....

....and then the resultant mop when I took them out.

I then rolled the back to one side using a hair rat. Styled the front middle section into a large roll and took sections from the side and formed two small pin curls on the side and top. Finally I added this gorgeous flower that I got from Belle Blossoms. Excuse all the flyaways .. as I didn't completely tame them as all I was aiming to do was recreate it.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Wedding Daze

On April 28th I had the pleasure of going to my cousins wedding. I love weddings something about the anticipation of the dress, good food and spending time with family and friends that's a winning combination. As a result my outfit planning started in earnest. I had initially great plans on making my own dress from this pattern.

But then I can across this Bernie Dexter dress from Miss Bamboo I instantly fell in love with the green material and didn't even hesitate to click the buy button. I paid no thought of would it fit. Buying dress is pretty much a nightmare for me which I've mentioned previously so I knew that I'd end up spending time making alterations to it.

I was so excited when it arrived and the fabric as just as fantastic in real life. But then the work really began. I finally made really good use of Daisy and set to work. Firstly I set her to my dimensions but using a fab hint from Gertie who's blog I have been following for a while. Shes got a great online course to make a bombshell dress which is next on my list of todo's. Anyway, her hint was to find a bra that I know fits well, pad it out and to use it on your tailors dummy. This caused many giggles in our house from my husband.

Hours later I'd taken the waist in by two inchs, moved the waist line up by half an inch. Altered the line of the bust slightly, and taken an inch off the length. I was sooo happy with my results but then I just wasn't quite happy with the arms so then changed them into short sleeves rather than 3/4.

Next it was the shoes, I'd decided that a red pair would be a fab contrast to the green and I love Irregular Choice shoes they are so quirky! and eventually settled on these.

So how did the outfit all fit together? Well here you go. I was so happy with the result.

And me striking a pose.
I didn't know quite what to do with my hands so my other cousin ran to my rescue to provide me with a prop.

I got so many compliments throughout the day I was slightly taken aback. From lady's in the loo's commenting on my hair to random men on the dance floor telling me my dress and shoes were generating lots of positive talk. I really did end the evening on a high. The bride was amazing as was the groom and the best mens speech was a hoot.

Completely forgot to get any pictures of my hair but I'm sure I'll be doing it like this again so will tell you all about that later.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Faux Bangs

Now I've been playing around with my hair trying out lots of vintage styles and I thought it was about time that I started showing everyone both my successes and disasters. My numerous attempts at pin curls have been mixed and I still haven't found the right technique to fit my hair type and that's defiantly going to be a post for another time.

But I have been having some success at faux bangs. I found this style is much easier to do when my hair hasn't been washed for a day which works well for me as I do try not to wash it every day to go some way towards preserving the colour. It works great when I just want to get it up and out of the way and now with practice only takes me around 10 mins to do which is another bonus!

And I have also had an award passed to me by The Glass Lantern and I wish her all the best with her store do go check it out! Now all I've got to do is think who I'm going to pass it on to as she's already pinched one lucky Blog that I would have chosen.. tehe

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Handy Handbag

Well I seem to be keeping my promise at least of a post a week and in fact I've also started another blog called  Infectious Smile which also keeps me out of mischief at least once a day.

Now just before Christmas I decided that I wanted a hand bag that was more in keeping with my new obsession so my trusty Radley bag was going to get relegated to work only affair. Thinking about it a little more I'm not so sure how much I liked it when I first saw it.  In fact I think I bought it as it was the one that I just liked more than any of the others on show. Over the last few months I've come to realise that vintage fashion is actually what I've been looking for all along but didn't really know where to look. And its the looking that I've found so much of a challenge.  There seems to be a real lack of vintage shops anywhere close to where I live and as much as I embrace shopping online I much prefer to fondle things prior to parting with my cash.

Then I came across this bag on eBay.  I'd been watching it for a few weeks and then I suddenly came to the conclusion that in actual fact this bag was half the price of anything I'd ever looked at in a regular shop and therefore what did I have to lose?

When the parcel arrived I wasn't disappointed and I love it. I love the little claps along the top edge and the handle is just long enough for me to carry it over my shoulder and to top it all off my Kindle fits in just nicely.  I've had so many compliments from people about it which just adds even more to my love of it.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

New addition to the family

I so excited! My birthday pressie arrived in the post today ..ekk ... I know its not my birthday till next week but seeing as I knew exactly what it was going to be as I was the one who actually ordered it on the internet I allowed myself to open it right up.

The new addition is actually a tailors dummy that I've been umming about buying for about the last 6 months.  So unfortunately my husbands duties as pin boy have been relegated to the past. No longer to I have to rely on his not so nibble fingers to make sure that the bust is just right or even the waist. And I love it! I decided to go for one that had a nice wooden base as its likely to be stood in the corner of a bedroom or even our open plan lounge so I wanted something that looked the part and I'm glad to say it does.

My only problem? what ever to name her? I'm thinking Daisy.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What ever happened to ...

Well me really! ... My voyage is still on going and I've done so much in the last sixth months that I've negelated this little 'ol Blogg. I've found several vintage styled new pieces and have even bought my first actual vintage dress as well as that I've been experimenting with my hair.  So I've set myself a challenge.  A post a week just showing everyone just how my journey is going ...

So where to start... well my second project was to make a dress for my friends wedding in Poland and a really wanted something with a summary feel as it was likely to be hot. I love shirt dresses and therefore settled on this Vogue pattern V8613.

Now to find a fabric which as usual is no easy thing to do where I live then I came across this gorgeous fabric form Croft Mill and just fell in love with it. The oranges and the blues just work so well together and the viscose material itself is just perfect for hot and humid days. In fact I loved it so much that I bought way more than I needed to make the dress and should have enough left over to make a nice summer shirt.

The pattern itself was easy to follow and it only became a problem when I had to adjust the pattern for my bust.  This took me several attempts and pattern amendments are defiantly something I need to learn as it took a long process of trial and error.  It was also my first attempt at putting in an invisible zip which I was somewhat successfully at and at least its a side zip so can't quite so easily be seen.

And here's the result. I'm reasonably happy with it and its taught me a lot I had some really nice comments on the day. and I found these perfect bright blue shoes to go with it which were a bargain find.  As you can see I opted not to make the sash belt but instead used a skinny leather one I found in a local shop.