Sunday, 10 July 2011

Gin ... for Tea?

My discovery of Gin started about a year ago.  I used to really hate gin but decided that I wanted a less calorific drink as I do like my wine and surprisingly I also love real ale.  If asked two years ago what I thought gin tasted like I would have said "like death".  So what is so different now?  I'm not really sure some say these things come with age.  Every now and then I get these little things into my head that I think I should like but don't so this coupled with my decision to find a less waist widening tipple drew me to the light.

Then I discovered Hendricks Gin, it all happened in one of our local pubs (I'd say that I remember the night well but that would suggest that the alcohol wasn't flowing) having decided to drink gin the only gin on offer was Hendricks. There it arrived in a nice tall glass with .. what is that? ... yes cucumber .. and too my surprise I have to say it worked fantastically.

Now unfortunately I seemed to have come to love one of the more expensive brands and so the Hendricks is usually for those slightly more special occasion... ( not that I need and excuse!)

So why have I decided to blog about it? Well its all down to a trip to the supermarket where I got far too excited when I found out that Hendricks have a new promotion where it come in a very Monty Pythonesk box and ... of all things .. a very cute little tea cup! So there I was box in hand and my Husband being the bad influence on me that he is convinced me to buy two.  It would be so rude to have friends over and not be able to share the experience of drinking gin in such a civilized fashion.  So now I am the proud owner of not just one but two .. :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Shoe's I just can't resist!

Okay, so I've not been on here for a while and I guess I should explain.  I've been ridiculousness busy visiting friends and god forbid working! well something has to pay for all my obsessions.

So how goes the dress? Its nearly finished and all I've got to do is hem it and as its now into exam season and all my time is spent trying to get 260 papers marked it doesn't look like it will happen until that's all out of the way....

But today I took some time out and did a little retail therapy and indulged in my growing shoe fetish.  I really do like shoes and the fancier the better, but I have to say I don't have many in my collection that I could describe as being vintage in style until that is today.  After reading through this months issue of Vintage Life magazine I realised just how big a gap that was.  So today I was fortunate as House of Fraiser had a fab shoe sale and I came across these fab shoes at a ridiculousness cheap price.  I can't wait to where them tomorrow to a christening.

Now I really should go and do some work ..... sigh