Thursday, 2 February 2012

New addition to the family

I so excited! My birthday pressie arrived in the post today ..ekk ... I know its not my birthday till next week but seeing as I knew exactly what it was going to be as I was the one who actually ordered it on the internet I allowed myself to open it right up.

The new addition is actually a tailors dummy that I've been umming about buying for about the last 6 months.  So unfortunately my husbands duties as pin boy have been relegated to the past. No longer to I have to rely on his not so nibble fingers to make sure that the bust is just right or even the waist. And I love it! I decided to go for one that had a nice wooden base as its likely to be stood in the corner of a bedroom or even our open plan lounge so I wanted something that looked the part and I'm glad to say it does.

My only problem? what ever to name her? I'm thinking Daisy.


  1. I like the name Daisy too! I think the dressmaker's dummy in te book I Capture the Castle is called Miss Blossom.

    1. Oh I love the formality of "Miss Blossom£ maybe she should be "Miss Daisy"