Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What ever happened to ...

Well me really! ... My voyage is still on going and I've done so much in the last sixth months that I've negelated this little 'ol Blogg. I've found several vintage styled new pieces and have even bought my first actual vintage dress as well as that I've been experimenting with my hair.  So I've set myself a challenge.  A post a week just showing everyone just how my journey is going ...

So where to start... well my second project was to make a dress for my friends wedding in Poland and a really wanted something with a summary feel as it was likely to be hot. I love shirt dresses and therefore settled on this Vogue pattern V8613.

Now to find a fabric which as usual is no easy thing to do where I live then I came across this gorgeous fabric form Croft Mill and just fell in love with it. The oranges and the blues just work so well together and the viscose material itself is just perfect for hot and humid days. In fact I loved it so much that I bought way more than I needed to make the dress and should have enough left over to make a nice summer shirt.

The pattern itself was easy to follow and it only became a problem when I had to adjust the pattern for my bust.  This took me several attempts and pattern amendments are defiantly something I need to learn as it took a long process of trial and error.  It was also my first attempt at putting in an invisible zip which I was somewhat successfully at and at least its a side zip so can't quite so easily be seen.

And here's the result. I'm reasonably happy with it and its taught me a lot I had some really nice comments on the day. and I found these perfect bright blue shoes to go with it which were a bargain find.  As you can see I opted not to make the sash belt but instead used a skinny leather one I found in a local shop.